We Specialize in Connecting High-Quality Digital Marketing Agencies with High-Quality eCommerce Clients

You do what you do best - focus on your clients. We'll bring you new ones.

We identify highly qualified eCommerce leads through targeted campaigns that meet a criteria you set.

We research the leads, gain information and find the email addresses of key staff.

We use our research to send personalized emails to the key decision makers without coming across as spammers.

We ensure our emails land in primary inboxes with personalized subject lines.

We follow up with prospects through LinkedIn and phone so your leads know they are valued.

Qualified leads tell us they are interested in your service and want to talk.

We ask them to book in a call with you through your calander app.

Here's an example of one of our campaign's results...

Why Use Cold Email?

Cold email is the most effective way of targeting clients for both growing and established digital marketing agencies.

By using us all you have to do is take phone calls with highly qualified prospects who are already interested in your service

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